My love affair with the slow-cooker and the dishwasher

ethan nap

Quick! Time to get things done

I went into this SAHM gig knowing that it was a lot of work. I have to say a big hats off to the mum’s who manage both home and work. But, I didn’t realise how difficult it would be with an active, inquisitive 9.5 month old son. I need to juggle the running of the household with impromptu games of chasey (on all fours).  I wish the all day ABC Kids channel kept him amused. Alas, once the theme song is finished, Ethan is bored with the TV and is off finding something else potentially dangerous to lick or headbutt.

Being able to chop up some meat and veggies then whacking it in the slow cooker has reduced my 4-6pm anxiety. I love my slow cooker. Especially, the nights that my husband works. The time he leaves coincides with dinner time and Ethan’s bed time. So, I was trying to cook dinner with a cranky and tired baby.  Now, I just get it all ready during his day time naps or while he’s playing with his dad and by dinner time it’s ready to serve.

Sad thing is, we have had the slow cooker the whole time. Tim’s folks got it for him before he’d even met me. It just took a while for things to click for me. I can be a little slow some times.

Then, once he was asleep I’d be running around trying to get all my “quiet” housework done. Now that my wonderful FIL has installed the dishwasher, I can put things in and set the timer to wash while I fold/put away Ethan and Tim’s toys.

I love things that make my life easier. And, I am not ashamed to say it. It means I get quality time with Ethan and can use his nap times to catch my breath instead of the mad dash to get everything done before he wakes up.

One thought on “My love affair with the slow-cooker and the dishwasher

  1. I love my slow cooker too and anyone who doesn’t embrace them is just strange. I mean, who wouldn’t love something that not only gives you more time with your family and allows for a healthy meal to feed them?

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